Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our project in etwinning platform - Quality Label of September 2013

Along 2011-2013 we have been using eTwinning platformand the Twinspace of our project "Human Rights in Europe between Ideal and Reality Rights and Challenge for Students in the 21st Century by means of Poetry, Arts and Music" as a tool of communication and coordination for the teachers involved in the project and a medium for the dissemination of our works to the eTwinners.

So, many Chat sessions and communication were held among teachers involved through the eTwinning platform.

Until now, the German and the Spanish Team have won the etwinning Quality Label and in eTwinning Newletter of September 2013 our project is referred as the project with the Quality Label of the Month.

This award is encouraging and gives us more motivation to go further...

Here there are some issues in various languages of partner schools:
in english
in czech
in french
in greek
in german
in italian
in polish

in spanish

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