Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 27th 2012


“If to understand is impossible, to know is necessary”. Primo Levi’s assertion has been the leading motive of the conference held in our school ITCGT ”F.Galiani” to celebrate the 12th Holocaust Memorial Day on the 67th anniversary of the pulling down of Auschwitz gates and of the end of the nazy folly. 

An anniversary celebrated in other schools in Chieti and in the prefecture with the delivery of medals of honour to the Theatini citizens deported and interned in the nazi lager. The students have read passages of several works linked to the nazi period , starting from “ Mein Kampf”, where Hitler explained his political thought and outlined the nazi programme To think over this dark and terrible historical period with the students is important to prevent attitudes contrary to a peaceful multi-ethnic society.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Freedom, equality - Matti Freeman

All men are created free and equal in life

Liberty, Freedom, Equality

I Live in an Alternate Reality
My World is the Information that is Me
Its All Ive Ever Known that I can Be
My Thoughts Give Me
Some Security
I Live in an Alternate Reality
To Escape the Truth of the Animosity
That's All-Around as Far as the Eye can See
But I don't Wanna See
I don't Wanna See
Whatever Happened to Our Equality

Why can't We Live in This One Reality
Why can't We All be Free
We Made a Mess of This Reality
A Place where Life comes with Cruelty
Money buys Us a Fantasy
And lets Us Choose what we Wanna Be

But we don't Wanna See
This Should Be Heaven for Every-One
Life Lived Fully where All have Fun
Where No-One has Anything to Hide
And Life can No-Longer be Denied
No-More Denied
No-More Denied

Money is the Fuel that Gives Me
What I Need to Feel Free
From Having to Take Responsibility
I Go Wherever my Desire and my Fear Tells Me
My Fear Tells Me
To Not Have to Face my Anxiety
To Not Have to See the Inhumanity
The Inhumanity
Be the Key to Change Reality
Be the Key to End Atrocity
Make this World the Place it Must Be
Where Life is Lived in Dignity
Where Life is Lived in Dignity

SONG: I am ONE vote for World Equality and Equal Rights
SINGER: Matti Freeman


It is very cold today in Athens!
The next few days will do even more!!
We would like everybody not to die on the roads!  

Please call the phone-numbers of KYADA:
+30210 5246515 and +30210 5239465 and give information about the homeless citizens, Greek or foreigners. 

Please tell these people in need of  assistance that the gym in Roof, located at the junction of Piraeus Echelidon 69 (ie Petrou Ralli), will remain open 24 hours. All these people, who have no roof, no blankets and clothes for winter, can find blankets and sleeping bags and some clothes in order to spend the night there

This is the above announcement in greek, which recently is sent many times per day via Facebook, blogs and e-mail.
Όποιος μπορεί ας βοηθήσει συνανθρώπους μας που το'χουν ανάγκη.
Κάποιοι κάποτε ήταν συνάδελφοι με κάποιους από εμάς - εσάς!
Κάνει πολύ κρύο και τις επόμενες μέρες θα κάνει ακόμη περισσότερο!
  • Στο Ίδρυμα Αστέγων (Πειραιώς 35 ακριβώς απέναντι από το Υπουργείο Εργασίας (τηλ. 210 5246515) χρειάζονται επειγόντως κουβέρτες και χειμωνιάτικα ρούχα.
  • Η ΜΚΟ «ΚΛΙΜΑΚΑ» Κωνσταντινουπόλεως (210-3410462), που εργάζεται στο δρόμο για άστεγους, κάνει έκκληση για τρόφιμα, νερό, χοντρά μπουφάν και κουβέρτες.
  • Το κλειστό γυμναστήριο Ρουφ, που βρίσκεται στη συμβολή των οδών Πειραιώς και Εχελίδων 69 (δηλαδή και Πέτρου Ράλλη), θα παραμένει ανοιχτό όλο το 24ωρο, ώστε όσοι δεν έχουν στέγη να προμηθεύονται κουβέρτες, παπλώματα και υπνόσακους, προκειμένου να περάσουν το βράδυ εκεί!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

HUMAN RIGHTS through Song


The song talks about the racial discrimination that began since then and continues today, with the cry that this brings the singer wants to tell us that no one really cares about those people who are different from the other ... This puts to himself the position of those people who really suffer. We emphasize on police violence experienced people every day ...
Indicate that they are victims of those around him, that is half that and do not nobody cares .. that there is a flurry of speculation that all one accuse
says that all you can do is to pray to God and he can fulfill the prophecy ... To release him because finally can not stand anymore of this racist behavior and that slavery should tolerate every day!

Singer:Michael Jackson
Title song:They don't care about us

Italian prisons