Friday, September 28, 2012

We are equal - Aleth Martí

Hey my friend!
There’s a thing called respect
There’s a thing called life
And you must respect them
‘cause all the people have one.

All the people fall in love
All the people have red blood
All the people have fear when things get hard.

Hey my friend!
If you think black people are stupid
Look at Nelson Mandela
If you think women are useless
Look at your mother
If you think the Arian race is the best
Look at Hitler.

All the people fall in love
All the people have red blood
All the people have fear when things get hard.

I only ask you to look around
And you will know that
We are equal.

By Aleth Martí Saumell, Spain.

Time to change - Laia Vizcarro


In the year 1948
A Group of people met
They had one idea in their heads
Things can’t continue like this.

The right to be born free and equal
The right not to be discriminated
The right to live freely
The right to have a social security.

A letter was written
Where people reflected their rights
You can read it
It’s the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The right to freedom of expression
The right to have an education
The right to have responsibilities
The right to be free to move.

Round the wheel of life
There has come a moment of change
It isn’t a moment to sleep
It’s a moment to evolve.

By Laia Vizcarro, Spain.

The girl with no name - Marloes Zanen


I once knew a girl,
There she was
Sitting alone
Far away from home.

People thought she was different
A stranger from the rest
What they didn’t know was she really did her best
But fitting in isn’t always easy.

For a start she had to work very hard
Back home, playing wasn’t even a choice
She had to scrub, rub and clean the house
That was her life, she didn’t know better.

If only she had known those two little words,
It would have made a change and
She would have been able to step out of her cage.

She also had dreams,
The dream of freedom,
Of feeling the wind in her face
And never again feel out of place.

Human rights, we take them for granted
But not for everyone it’s the same
Because there are many children
Like this girl with no name.

By Marloes E. Zanen, Spain

Peace - Marina Roselló


Peace, you have avoided
So many Wars,
And bring along a better world.
Protect us.

Peace, you have taught us
To solve problems
And have guided us
On a road full of obstacles.

Peace, forever you,
You are the loyal friend
Who goes with us and
Never let us down.

You are our shadow,
Our speech and travel
With us all around the world
Bringing happiness.

Peace, give us warmth and love,
As if children,
Teach us to differenciate
Between good and evil.

Teach us to respect all the people,
Not to be afraid of the unknown
And the different,
Help us find a solution to conflicts.

What are resentments
compared to you?
Insignificant tickling which
Makes us angry while you smile.

Peace, you give us strength and joy,
Confidence and security.
Love and friendship
Helping us become better and better people.

Peace, you’ve often give us
A helping hand to stand up
And not to surrender
Before injustice.

Peace is not a simple word,
Peace is a feeling which is made
By a group of people who
Can make your life a better world.

By Marina Roselló, Spain.

The peace doesn't abuse the war - Cristina Garcia

If one day, all the wars finished,
If one day, all the children could eat,
If one day, there were no guns,
If one day, there were no slaves,
If one day, all the human rights were completed,
If one day, all the world could smile,
We could get freedom.

Sometimes the war abuses the peace,
Sometimes the peace makes a little abuse to the war.

If there were no bullets in the night,
If the nights weren’t too dark,
The days would be so clear.

If some soldiers could see all the pain,
If the poor people could work and eat,
If the leaders could say
“I’ll make a fair world”
If all the children could survive,
We could get the peace
We could get a smile.

Sometimes the war abuses the peace.
The peace doesn’t abuse the war.

By Cristina Garcia, Spain


Poetry Contest for Chieti "I have a wish" by Elena Costa


I have a wish
It’s to understand the World
That’s a difficult thing to do
Without a big effort.

If we are all human
We have to learn,
Regardless of being European or African,
To treat one another in the same way.

So I can’t expect
I must act
And with your help
We can make it right.

We are talking about life,
The world and mankind
We are talking
About human rights.

So let’s put our hands up
Move our feet
If we really want it,
We have to take risks.

Justice or liberty
These are human rights
Be, believe or think
Just to stay alive.

I have a wish
It’s to understand the world
We could reach this
Together, with our work.

By Elena Costa Llamas, Spain.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Poetry Contest for Chieti "Growing Up" by Mariona Costa


All the World
is standing up,
crowds of people
are getting up.

But it isn’t enough
we have a difficult fight,
but one day,
we will win that.

Our prize won’t be
money, fame or gold,
our prize will be
peace, safety and hope.

It’s difficult to describe,
this is what we want
one world without crime
without any wars.
You have two options,
hide or fight.
It’s easy,
you only have to decide.

My best option
is fight
and because of this
I’m writing these words.

Now I hope
you feel the same.
If we are united,
we can win this game.

By Mariona Costa Llamas, Spain.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back 2 our comenius project (2nd year of implementation)

Summer holidays are over....
The weather is getting cooler...
The days are getting shorter...
and soon we meet you again!

We have had some changes; some students have graduated and some teachers changed schools. Their contribution on project's issues has been very significant during the 1st year of implemetation of the project.
Anyway, hope we do have a position and are ready to start a great school year and a wonderful second year of the project's implementation!

We are preparing our participation to the 4th Comenius project Meeting in Poraj and we thank the Polish Team for the organization. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Song "Don't give up" by the German Team

Let's click on play button!
We are listening to the human rights song "Don't give up", written by 3 students:
Denise Hickmann, Sevtap Sünter and Rebecca Sailer of the German Comenius Team.

The above song has been performed and was recorded during the school summer concert in June 2012 in
Enjoy it!

Back 2 school!

We hope you spent wonderful and relaxing vacations!

But now, it's the time to wish a good new school year for all, teachers and students.

The summer isn't over

Boats and mermaids

More PowerPoint presentations from KF

Enjoy the last simmer days and the automn!