Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meetings during the 1st year (Synopsis)

One more presentation on platform by the Greek Team.

You could watch it pressing on PLAY and choosing FULL SCREEN.
If you click automatically, you have not the possibility to watch the videos embedded on the presentation. Every frame is changing after 4 secs.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

3rd meeting in Chieti, 2nd-8th May 2012, Poem contest- award ceremony and Final event.

Project Human Rights in Europe by the Polish Team

Third meeting in Italy, 2nd-8th May 2012, Chieti. 

Poem contest- award ceremony and Final event.

You could watch our video at : and as well.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A video of a french student for the song "Lets hold hands, More Than Words" from Greece

"Lets hold hands, More Than Words"

All around me I see people alone, people in pain
I just hope that we don’t fight in vain
Don’t we all have the right to live
We are supposed to be free so let us breathe

Lets all hold hands in a really big circle
Across the earth make a united nation
Why there is so much hate, so many poor
Is it the money that make you cool ?
All that we need is food, maybe a home
And be with the people that we love more

Chorus x2

If we all had equal rights no one could say
You’re not white so go away
Its just not so hard to make the perfect world
All that we need to do is try more than words

Chorus x2

Poem and Music from Greece
Music and lyrics: Romanos Lioutas (GR)
Video from France
Video: Irina Sellami (FR)