Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photos from the Meeting in Chieti by the French Team

The delegations from 9 European  schools in front of the Aragonese Castle of Ortona ( built in 1452 by King Alfonso of Aragona over the remains of an ancient fortress), May 2012
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zoe's Impressions from Italy

    We left from E. Venizelos airport at 7 o’clock (really early in the morning). We arrived at Fumiccino airport in Italy. Then we took a taxi from the airport and we went to Rome. We were walking around in Rome, visiting several places until it was the time to take the bus for going in Chieti. We were really excited when we met our families for the first time.
    Thursday was our first day at school and we met a lot of students there and made new friends. At school the teachers separate us into three groups, drama, music and art. The activities at school were very enjoyable and funny. In the evenings we had a great time with the children; lot’s of parties and fun. On Sunday we had a really awful trip up the mountains and we returned exhausted. Suddenly we had to leave from Chieti on Tuesday 8 May. But we left with such wonderful memories in our minds that we will never forget. We feel very lucky attending in the Comenius meeting in Chieti and we will love to participate in another meeting in the future


Some of Comenius students

Zoe and Christina (Greek students) with the awards from the Poetry Contest taken in Chieti Meeting

Monday, May 14, 2012

More illustrations from France

The French Team intends to create and publish a leaflet with illustrated poems soon, but now have a look to the following first illustrations:

by Célia:
Célia illustrated the poem titled "FREE LOVE"

Célia illustrated the poem "IMAGINE"
Célia illustrated the poem "Peace doesn't abuse war " of Spain

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More illustrations for poems

A German poem illustrated by the Greek Team
.... by the Cypriot Team

From Cyprus
From the Team of Cyprus
French poem illustrated by the Greek Team
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The illustration painted by the French Team for Zoe Qesko's poem (Greek Team)
The poem from Cyprus illustrated by Lucie Charrel (French Team)


Dear friends, we are waiting for your illustrations. Please, go on....

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Survey Results from SPAIN

Poetry Contest - Results - Winners

One of the project's aim is to make the educative community aware of the importance of human rights by using music, language and arts and to respect and defend those rights so as to become constructively critical European citizens.

Not only language helps bridging the gap to understanding and cooperation but also music and art as non-verbal means of communication play an important part in our project. Applied in lyrics, poems, songs, videos or drawings the aesthetic dimension help to see beyond the pure communicative purpose. 

Preparing their participation in Chieti meeting, the last of the 1st year's project implementation, the students from all countries, besides all, concentrated on a new activity; Poetry.

They were encouraged to create poems, energizing their minds and spirits through immersion in a creative and intellectual journey; and building the momentum to carry us away into an ongoing experience.

The period of poem-writing started after the 2nd Comenius Meeting in Limassol, on March 10th 2012, and continued into the spring school holidays, which  ended on April 25th. More than 35 poems took part to the competition.

All pedagogical teams from the 9 partner-schools decided upon the best poem of their school, which participated to the final phase of the Poetry Competition. All the other poems were shared for paintings or illustrations. 

All young students explored their creative potential and discovered new approaches to learn and disseminate knowledge on the Human Rights, showing their artistic talents through poetry and the arts.

Juries from all schools voted by e-mail the 3 best poems. All poems of the competition  were interpreted during a specific ceremony during the 3rd Comenius project Meeting in Chieti on Saturday, May 5th, 2012.

The winners of the Poetry Contest are:

1st prize
poem:We Are Equal
creator: Aleth Martí Saumell
from Spain (G)

2nd prize:
 poem: I Wish
creator: Giada Cavallo
from  Chieti, Italy (D)

3rd prize:
 poem: Fight For Human Rights: Imagine A Better World
creator: Ioanna Kakouratou
from Cyprus (E)




Please, click on play below, in order to read the best poems...

Best poems


Dear students, the evaluation questionnaire for those of you who attended the 3rd meeting in Chieti is ready.
Your opinion is very valuable for us.

Participating students' questionnaire

Please fill in the questionnaire clicking here.
The deadline is 30th May 2012.
Thank-you :o)

This is the link:

Remember that this questionnaire is only for students who participated in the meeting in Chieti from 2-8 of May 2012.

Greetings from Spain!


This is the questionnaire of evaluation for our 3rd meeting in Chieti (Italy).
It is available through our project's platform. 

Teachers' questionnaire

For filling it in please click here. The deadline is 30th May 2012.

This is the link:

Greetings from Spain

A wonderful meeting in Chieti with amazing people

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Greek Team in the 3rd Meeting in Chieti

Departure from Athens: May 2nd, 2012 7:00 (Local time)
Arrival in Rome: May 2nd, 2012 8:05 (Local time)

1st day - The Greek Team was walking in Rome, visiting the sightseeing. 

Departure from Tiburtina / Rome: May 2nd, 2012 17:30
Arrival in Chieti Scalo: May 2nd, 2012 19:50 
Teachers stayed at Hotel IACONE, students in Italian families.

On May 3rd (2nd day) - We went to school I.T.C.G. "F. Galiani" - We met the teachers and the students of 8 other delegations. (Welcoming, tour around the school).

Next days we participated and  attended a variety of activities at school and around Abruzzo area.

On May 8th (at noon) last day we left Italy (full of emotions and experiences) and returned home.

All was perfect!


Teachers' evaluation report in Limassol