Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zoe's Impressions from Italy

    We left from E. Venizelos airport at 7 o’clock (really early in the morning). We arrived at Fumiccino airport in Italy. Then we took a taxi from the airport and we went to Rome. We were walking around in Rome, visiting several places until it was the time to take the bus for going in Chieti. We were really excited when we met our families for the first time.
    Thursday was our first day at school and we met a lot of students there and made new friends. At school the teachers separate us into three groups, drama, music and art. The activities at school were very enjoyable and funny. In the evenings we had a great time with the children; lot’s of parties and fun. On Sunday we had a really awful trip up the mountains and we returned exhausted. Suddenly we had to leave from Chieti on Tuesday 8 May. But we left with such wonderful memories in our minds that we will never forget. We feel very lucky attending in the Comenius meeting in Chieti and we will love to participate in another meeting in the future


Some of Comenius students

Zoe and Christina (Greek students) with the awards from the Poetry Contest taken in Chieti Meeting

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