Friday, September 28, 2012

Peace - Marina Roselló


Peace, you have avoided
So many Wars,
And bring along a better world.
Protect us.

Peace, you have taught us
To solve problems
And have guided us
On a road full of obstacles.

Peace, forever you,
You are the loyal friend
Who goes with us and
Never let us down.

You are our shadow,
Our speech and travel
With us all around the world
Bringing happiness.

Peace, give us warmth and love,
As if children,
Teach us to differenciate
Between good and evil.

Teach us to respect all the people,
Not to be afraid of the unknown
And the different,
Help us find a solution to conflicts.

What are resentments
compared to you?
Insignificant tickling which
Makes us angry while you smile.

Peace, you give us strength and joy,
Confidence and security.
Love and friendship
Helping us become better and better people.

Peace, you’ve often give us
A helping hand to stand up
And not to surrender
Before injustice.

Peace is not a simple word,
Peace is a feeling which is made
By a group of people who
Can make your life a better world.

By Marina Roselló, Spain.

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