Friday, September 28, 2012

The girl with no name - Marloes Zanen


I once knew a girl,
There she was
Sitting alone
Far away from home.

People thought she was different
A stranger from the rest
What they didn’t know was she really did her best
But fitting in isn’t always easy.

For a start she had to work very hard
Back home, playing wasn’t even a choice
She had to scrub, rub and clean the house
That was her life, she didn’t know better.

If only she had known those two little words,
It would have made a change and
She would have been able to step out of her cage.

She also had dreams,
The dream of freedom,
Of feeling the wind in her face
And never again feel out of place.

Human rights, we take them for granted
But not for everyone it’s the same
Because there are many children
Like this girl with no name.

By Marloes E. Zanen, Spain

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