Friday, September 28, 2012

Poetry Contest for Chieti "I have a wish" by Elena Costa


I have a wish
It’s to understand the World
That’s a difficult thing to do
Without a big effort.

If we are all human
We have to learn,
Regardless of being European or African,
To treat one another in the same way.

So I can’t expect
I must act
And with your help
We can make it right.

We are talking about life,
The world and mankind
We are talking
About human rights.

So let’s put our hands up
Move our feet
If we really want it,
We have to take risks.

Justice or liberty
These are human rights
Be, believe or think
Just to stay alive.

I have a wish
It’s to understand the world
We could reach this
Together, with our work.

By Elena Costa Llamas, Spain.

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