Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 27th 2012


“If to understand is impossible, to know is necessary”. Primo Levi’s assertion has been the leading motive of the conference held in our school ITCGT ”F.Galiani” to celebrate the 12th Holocaust Memorial Day on the 67th anniversary of the pulling down of Auschwitz gates and of the end of the nazy folly. 

An anniversary celebrated in other schools in Chieti and in the prefecture with the delivery of medals of honour to the Theatini citizens deported and interned in the nazi lager. The students have read passages of several works linked to the nazi period , starting from “ Mein Kampf”, where Hitler explained his political thought and outlined the nazi programme To think over this dark and terrible historical period with the students is important to prevent attitudes contrary to a peaceful multi-ethnic society.

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