Tuesday, September 24, 2013

European Shared Treasure - Project description

The European project partners see Europe as a historically grown community that shares a common system of values, regarding freedom and equality for all human beings as its essential principles. We want to make our students aware of these cultural similarities but also of the fact that these high values are often violated so that there is a necessity for every single member of this community to take responsibility and to protect them in our daily lives.

This means that these rights also come along with certain duties and requirements like integration efforts, respect and tolerance instead of exclusion or intolerance.
We are convinced that especially the current threat of international terrorism which spreads not only fear but also xenophobia and generalizing prejudice must not put the liberal basis of Europe at risk.

So the project's aim is not only to make the educative community aware of the importance of human rights by using music, language and arts, but also to respect and defend those rights so as to become constructively critical European citizens.

Our purpose is furthermore to use creative means together with ICT skills to improve the target language and to develop solidarity and cooperation between students from the EU. The topic chosen will be Freedom, Equality and Human Rights so as to raise the students' awareness of these issues and develop their ability to deal with integration  within the EU.

Not only language helps bridging the gap to understanding and cooperation but also music and art as non-verbal means of communication play an important part in our project. Applied in lyrics, poems, songs, videos or drawings the aesthetic dimension will help to see beyond the pure communicational purpose.

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