Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Italian Poems

Best poems selected at Galiani Institute to participate to the poetry contest in May 2012.


  1. The Human Act

    They enjoy an education
    And the benefits it offers
    They take our medication
    And the housing from our coffers

    They slit the throats of decent folks
    And radicalize our young
    They twitter all their bitter
    From the freedom of their tongue

    They pillage every village
    And plot to bomb our towns
    They relish every spillage
    Of blood upon our gowns

    They’re over here and here they’ll stay
    To blacken darkest nights
    For Brussels has a suspect way
    Of quoting human rights

    Yet if human rights is what it is
    I’m confounded and confused
    As my selfish mind is all a’tiz
    As my own have been refused.

  2. Mr Ashby McGowan
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    Hi All,

    I enclose a couple of links about Peace. I would be glad if you could mention them on your site somewhere. The YouTube video starts with my poetic rewrite (with permission) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I have previously written for Amnesty and the U.N. And performed at the Scottish Parliament.
    Kind regards