Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Final Report Form - Project description (E1)

The main objective of this project was to make students aware of being part of a historically grown community that shares a common system of values based on freedom and equality. As these rights have unfortunately often been violated, there is the necessity for all the members of this community to respect and defend them if they want to become constructively critical European citizens. Our students have dealt with this topic by the means of Poetry, Arts and Music. The project was created by 9 schools from Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain. The teachers, Anna Curto and Holger Schmidt from Karben/Germany, had the responsibility of the coordination of the whole project.

Early in the first year a blog was created by the Greek team and it proved to be an important tool for the dissemination of our common work. As part of the project the team from the Italian partner of Nettuno composed a kind of "Human Rights hymn" and more verses were added to it by the students from the other partner countries. In addition to the common hymn the song "Don't give up" on human rights was created by the German partner. Both songs were sung by an international student choir in a concert during our end-of- year meeting in Chieti/Italy in May 2012.

Additionally, during the first year the partners worked for the production of logos, Power Point presentations on the evolution of Human Right in partner’s countries, poems and drama scenes, all based on the topic "Human Rights" and presented during the meetings.

During the second year of the partnership all members involved worked on a) photographs for a competition in Poland, b) drama scenes for the meeting in France and c) the final musical “A Flower to the Enemy” which was composed by the Nettuno team, translated in English by the Greek team and was presented in Germany.

All the activities carried out during the 2 years of the project implied a lot of coordination work from all partner schools, intensive rehearsals during the meetings but were at the same time an excellent opportunity for the creation of strong bonds of friendship between all the people involved.

Moreover, the students had the chance to participate in various workshops, discussions and excursions based on various aspects of Human Rights violations: racial discrimination, homophobia and sexism to mention a few. Thanks to the participation in the project all teachers and pupils alike had the chance to reflect on the subject of Human Rights, to express themselves through various forms of art but also to learn to use new forms of technology. Most of the products of the project have been uploaded on our blog at http://humanrights-in-europe.blogspot.com. The progress of the project was constantly evaluated through questionnaires for students and teachers separately, created by the Spanish team and all the relevant reports may be seen on the blog as well.

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