Saturday, June 15, 2013

Musical in Karben


Musical play's title: A Flower for the enemy
Authors: G. Casentini - V. Rotondo (IT)
Translation from italian to English: St. Soubassi (GR)
Composer: V.Rotondo  (IT)

Number of Scenes: 11
Drama Director and assistants: Arnaud Alzat-Laly (FR)
Assistant directors: Sarah Delaby-Rochette and Margot Petro (FR)
  • Poland prepared scene 1
  • Actors: Radek Szydlowski,  Karolina Skora, Mateusz Skora, Julia Majorczyk
  • Czech Republic prepared scene 2
  • Actors: Lukas Hyka, Anna Kratochvilova, Vojtech Mrklas, Marketa Nemeckova, 
  • Germany prepared scene 3 
  • Actors from Germany: Adrian Bonke, Isabeau Kunter and Vanessa Rosenkranz.  
  • France and Spain prepared scene 4, 5 and 6
  • Actors from France: Julie Reyne  was playing Angelica in scenes 4 & 6, Lucie Charrel was playing Marco in scene 4, Valentine Poncet was playing Marco in scene 6, Lucile Teyssedou was playing the neighbour in scene 6 
  • Actors from SpainImma García RomanAlba Ortiz TorresIgnasi Robert VichMeritxell Vizcaíno Cánovas 
  • Italy ( Chieti and Nettuno ) prepared scene 7, 8 and 9
  • Actors: Sara Papile (IT), Davide Quaranta (IT), Stefano Difederico (IT), Andrea Zuccarini (IT), Federico Malzone (IT), Grazia Rocci (IT), Sasha Genito (IT), Giorgia de Luca (IT)
  • Greece prepared scene 10 
  • Actors: Vassiliki Tsichritzi (GR) and Harry Ioannides (GR)
  • Cyprus prepared scene 11
  • Actors: Kyriakos Droussiotis (CY), Giannis Theofanous (CY), Rafaella Antoniou (CY)

The different characters were played by different students in different scenes.

The German Team prepared the instrumental part of the songs.

Choir - Music Director: Holger (DE), Veronika (DE)
Songs and Music: Max (IT), Giorgia (CY)

Backstage management: Julie Reyne  (FR)
Costumes and props: Lucie Charrel (FR), Sabina (DE)
Headsets: Valentine Poncet (FR), Giannis Theofanous (CY) and Vassiliki Tsichritzi (GR)
Settings installations:  Lucile Teyssedou (FR)

Camera, Video and Movie composition: Sebastian Allroggen, Patrick Jordan 

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