Thursday, February 28, 2013


My dear friends,

My teacher asked me to write about my impressionsfrom my last trip in France. Iwas thinking about it for days how I couls express my feelings. I had met a lot of difficulties, to tell you the truth. Actually, I could say that I had a good time, eventhough, I got coldbecause I'm not used in low temperatures, but luckily it was snowing and I likes it a lot.

But let's start from the beggining. We spent our mornings at school. We made many discussions about human rights and we tried to reach to some conclusions. We were splitted into groups and we discussed about various topic. Also we spent a lot of hours doing rehearsals at theatrical acts, about human right, splitted into three groups. We usually spent our evenings out of school, either at the Armenian Museum, or we were exploring the town with the help of French students. We were also splitted into groups. The town was beautiful. You will understand what I mean if you see the photos. Our nights, mainly were free except of the first day, which where was a concert at school and after this was a  bouffe too. (yummi!)

Of course, all the days weren't the same. Firstly, we dedicated a  whole day in snowed Lyon. We didn't see many things but we visited a very interesting museum, with movie scenes and various miniatures that they used on the movies.

We spent our last day full of stress, because we had our final presentation of the theatrical acts, which we preparedthe previous days. We were to tired of wearing and taking off our costumes all the time and we were not sure if we could meet the deadline. When we finished, I can say, that we felt satisfied and really moved of course.

Finishing, I would like to thank not only the families for their hospitality, but also the students. I hope that the students who weren't with us in France can imagine that we had a great time!!!!!




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