Friday, February 15, 2013

Human Rights on environmental issues

Dear Comenius partners

As I told you in the debate about environmental issues led by Célia Tual that took place last Monday, I send you the links to the documentary about where old TV, computers and mobiles go when we want to get rid of them.
While watching the film, you’ll become aware of where a big part of the electronic devices generated in Europe ends. Some African countries as Ghana have become our illegal dump.
I first saw this documentary on the Catalan TV, and looking for it in Internet I’ve found both the original French version, and the English subtitled one. I feel lucky one more time!

Aleth, Elena, Arnau, Carmen and Pilar
Spanish Comenius Team

Source : Télévision Suisse Romande
A film by Marie-Laure Widmer-Baggliolini & Jean-Daniel Bohnenblust 2012

Toxic Waste, a deadly legacy (English version)

Toxic debris made of electric and electronic appliances now covers the planet. These appliances often contain precious mineral elements. Telephones, computers, televisions, refrigerators and more, at times recycled in the Northern Hemisphere, go South for a new albeit short often illicit life. They end up burned and dismantled on vast rubbish heaps. They cause irreparable damage to both health and environment. An investigative report from Switzerland to Africa.

What happens in Switzerland, goes undoubtedly elsewhere ...

Déchets toxiques, mortel héritage (Original version in French)

Toxiques, précieux par leurs composants et toujours plus abondants, les déchets électriques et électroniques déferlent sur la planète. Partiellement recyclés dans les pays du nord, nos téléphones, ordinateurs, télévisions, frigos... prennent les chemins du sud pour une deuxième vie, souvent courte, souvent illégale, avant de finir, brûlés et démantelés sur des décharges, causant des dommages irréparables pour la santé et l'environnement. Enquête de la Suisse à l'Afrique.

… ce qui se passe, ici en Suisse, se passe sans nul doute ailleurs…

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  1. Spanish Team, thanks a lot for your new important post about environments issue.
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    Don't forget the underground nuclear tests in Indian Ocean, Marshal islands, Korea etc.