Sunday, January 13, 2013

Video: Modern Slavery

DRAMA (pantomime/video - January 2013)


The Human Rights Violation, we fear, most is Modern Slavery.

Like the African slaves in America, modern workers and job-seekers are most likely to be treated like tradable objects: work à la carte, no employment contracts, no salary, no insurance, trafficking and unemployment; perhaps even having to work to pay off bank loans.
Who will save us?


  1. A number of pupils stand to be the slaves, wearing scruffy clothes and having their hands tied with a rope.
  2. They are led by a slave trader, who is wearing a hat.
  3. Next to them there is a table where two gentlemen are seated, dress formally. They are the slave purchasers.
  4. The slave purchasers stand up and examine the slaves holding bags of money. They pay the slave trader.
  5. A crowd of people enter holding a poster with the word FREEDOM.

  • Slaves
  • Slave traderSlave purchasers
  • People

  • A rope
  • 2 posters (slave trade & freedom)
  • A desk with 2 chairs

Comenius Project: Human Rights in Europe
Work: DRAMA (Pantomime/video) for Comenius meeting in Valence France
in February 6th – February 12th, 2013
Participants – pupils of 3rd Upper Secondary school “Miltos Kountouras”

Abatzoglou Peter, class A
Sarantakis Dionysis, class A
Stavrianidis Vassilis, class B
Vallidis Nikitas, class B
Ioannidis Charis, class B
Kapsi Konstantina, class A
Slave trader
Kaloussis Vassilis, class B
Slave purchasers
Georgantopoulos Giorgos, class B
Vamvakidis Giannis, class A
Freedom girls
Stamati Popi, class B
Tsichrigi Vassiliki, class B
Mantaga Katerina, class A
Freedom boy
Kitsos Dimitris, class B
Narrator & co-operators
Qesko Zoe, class C
Michou Christina, clacc C
Louka Rafaela, class B
Mike Sarikos: scenario, script
Stavriana Soubassi: intro, comments, video recording
Katerina Fyssaki: Video editing

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