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Conference on Human Rights, December 10th, 2012

On December 10th our school has organized a conference for the 64th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with Paul Nimaruta, from Burundi, professor of anthropology, a representative of the CVM of Abruzzo ( a voluntary organization) and our teacher Andrea Di Gregorio.
Professor Nimaruta is a political refugee because he has said in his country all that he has told us. In Burundi only some tribes can enter university. Children want to go to school but they can’t.
The core of the conference was on human rights and justice; in fact human rights can’t exist without justice. Starting from ancient time ( 1400 ) we can state that the representation of the world on geographical charts is “ racist “: Mercatore’s map puts more emphasis on Europe and the USA than on Asia and Africa; conversely Peters’s map shows the world as it really is.
We need to recognize man and societies through human sciences in an epistemological way. According to the Linnean taxonomy we have:
  • Human species
  • State - Nation
  • Race
  • People – Ethnos
  • Tribes
  • Clan
  • Family
  • Individual
The only races that exist are those determined by geographical adaptation. To create single nationality we need multiculturalism, peace and respect for rights.
We must distinguish to unite: to distinguish without separating and unite without confusing.
Italy, as the other countries of the world, is becoming a melting pot, a complex phenomenon where everyone asks for his / her own rights, doing his / her own duties. Human rights are the basis of human dignity and the foundations of peace. We talk about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but not about the Declaration of Human and Universal Rights that subject all human beings to the same will to do good.
Africa is a “ gateau de tous “: rich of raw materials, it is an open pit and a lot of people and children are exploited in dangerous jobs by the local population and by multinationals, aerospace industries, technological communication systems companies and so on. Another important problem is that of “gas flaning” ( to burn gases in the open air ), that causes pollution and is a serious danger for health. But nobody seems to take care of this. The international public opinion depends on the Head of Sate’s will. A month ago, in Doma, there’s been an international meeting for environment, where the USA and Russia haven’t signed the protocols for its protection!!! As we live in a globalized world, so there should be globalization of justice, too!!
What can we do? As to begin in schools the concept of equality of races must be taught. Biologically there is no racial difference:
  • We're inter – fecund
  • The main blood groups are the same.
We must be equal in front of justice, too. To promote integration everyone must do all the best to favour the insertion of the newcomer. Cooperation between teachers and parents is of primary importance. The culture of peace is the respect of human rights; this conviction must rise from our hearts.


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