Friday, March 23, 2012

March 21th: World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day
March 21, 2012
Not just another protest, but an OTHER protest
Poetry against the Crisis

because Greeks are entitled to a life with dignity....

"We are devastated with what is happening in Greece and we wish to express our solidarity to fellow Greek poets and all citizens of the land of Homer. We urge Greek authorities to place the interests of the Greek people ahead of the interests of speculators, banks, and profit-mongering European and international organizations.

The World Poetry Movement, integrating 220 international poetry organizations and 1,235 poets from 134 countries, appeals to poets, readers, and all concerned individuals in every country to express their support for Greek people, demanding changes in government policies, an end to shameful stereotypes, and initiatives in line with ideals of solidarity and human rights.

World Poetry Movement (WPM)
Coordinating Committee 

On March 21, let poems become our slogans, let poets be our reference points, let verses on our picket signs give life to new reflections, to a different future growing out of our present and past.

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