Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Christinas's Cyprus impressions

Sunday 4-3-12
We left Athens’s National Airport at 15:45 and we arrived at Larnaka at 17:30.

Then, we took a taxi and headed towards St. George of Chavouzas, where we met the hosting families for the first time.

They were very friendly and open-hearted. We went home and we talked for several hours and then we went out for dinner.

Flying to Cyprus
Our arrival in Larnaca
Monday 5-3-12
Monday morning was the first day at school, where we met a lot of students.

We had a lesson (litterature) for the first two periods and then we met all the comenius participants together and played some ice-breaking games, we sang traditional songs of Cyprus and Greece and lastly we talked about human rights.

Later, we went home to rest. That night we went to a tavern called Mesaoria and had a lot of traditional dishes of Cyprus.

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