Monday, February 27, 2012

Refugees in Greece


Music: Refugee's Theme by Eleni Karaindrou
for the film "The suspended step of the stork"
of the director Theo Angelopoulos
Voice: Blassis K. (recorded by Romanos L.)


In recent years we are facing an unprecedented and massive new refugee phenomenon. A refugee is a person, who has fled his country of origin because of grounded fear of persecution due to:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Political Belief
  • Membership in a social or cultural group

Refugees differ from immigrants, who, legally or not, voluntarily leave their homeland in search of better living conditions. Since life in their homelands is unbearable these people will overwhelm Europe and, of cource, Greece.  It is not possible to safeguard the Aegean, the Evros and the borders with Albania, Fyrom and Boulgaria. 

Refugees arrive in Greece in a state of despair having left their families to escape the risk of imprisonment and execution. Most of them have a traumatic experience of having seen relatives, friends, partners being imprisoned, disappearing or even being executed. 

Moreover, they face serious problems of survival because they lack resources, family and social ties and communication due to language and cultural differences. These people will remain without papers, work and access to the social structures. They are forced to resort to “ghettos” in deprived neighborhoods, such as St.Panteleiomon in Athens or in imprisoned camps, as the Afghan camp in Patras and Lavrion. The refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and Somalia have no way back; their path will never be safe.

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