Monday, February 27, 2012

Homeless in Athens

Music: La Veillée by Yann Tiersen
Voice: Christina Eleni (pupil)


In Greece and particularly in Athens, the number of homeless people is increasing day by day as of now there are 20.000 people who take refuge in the street. The economic crisis which Greece is going through has increased the problem.

The “Declaration Of Human Rights” states that all people are born equal and free, that everyone has the right to a private life, that all people have the right to have a safe place to live and the right to their property/belongings and last the right to democracy and safety and the right to food, but all of the above rights are not met by society for all.

We would want all governments in the European Union and all people that make up the world, to join forces and to help the Greek Government resolve the problem of the homeless and the problem of illegal immigrants which aggravates   homelessness.

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