Thursday, May 16, 2013

Human Rights Poems from Cyprus

Equality is a right
regardless of religion
There is no need to fight
all people have a vision
Some have opinions
that are different from the rest.
We need to respect each other
and try to do our best.
It doesn’t matter where we are from
or what our gender is.
What matters is our safety
and the future of our kids.
Ariana Antoniou

Freedom and peace

Some things that is hard to have

And easy to lose……

Can you see that child crying?

It’s because they’ve violated his human rights

Because he is black and they are white.

And that woman over there

She’s being exploded every day

By people who don’t respect

her right for life

All that pain in their eyes

Just because they are criticized

Have you ever felt the way they do

When you tell them they’re not good

They might be black

And you’re white

They might be Muslims

And you are a Christian

But just to know

You have the same rights 
Stop abusing your wife
or beating your child
stop ruining your own life
And come with us to fight
so that everyone will have
the same human rights
Iouliana Argyri
Being Free
Being Secure
is a right for everyone
Believing what you want
Expressing  your opinion
is a right for everyone
Getting an education
Choosing your own future
is a right for everyone 
Despina Christou
Every creature
a real miracle
Every miracle
wants to live
If you are alive
then you have rights
Stand up for them
Fight for them
Don’t forget your right to live.
Save a few memories for tomorrow
Don’t just forget but forgive
Keep, accept and love
Overcome prejudice and bias
Then only you will win your right to live.
    Panayiota Taveloudi
Fight for Human Rights: Imagine a better world
Imagine our world was different
And there were no injustices
Imagine people were free and peace dominated
Imagine all of us were equal
Dancing harmoniously with the rhythm of life
But the threat of prejudices is hanging over us
And it makes people forget
They’ve forgotten the overwhelming feeling of hugging a friend
The priceless feeling of receiving a smile
See, we’re all the same:
Eyes that create diamonds when a sad feeling rules,
Lips that break into a sunny smile when we see people we love,
Hands that form a hug for those in need of one,
A heart beating in our chest ready to live
Embrace diversity. Accept, give, and care.
The world isn’t the place it used to be
We used to admire the starlit sky
Today, the city lights make us blind to the stars.
Think about the friends you have made
Act for the friends you haven’t met yet
A star alone may not shine enough
A hundred stars light up a small flame
Millions of stars can set the sky on fire.
Fight for human rights,
Fight for diversity,
Fight for the future friends,
Fight for life.
                                                                                    Ioanna Kakouratou

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