Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter wishes from the Comenius partners

From Nettuno / Italy
I wish you a joyful and peaceful Easter!!!!

From Chieti / Italy
Dear friends,
looking forward to meeting you very soon I wish you a happy and relaxing Easter.

Dear friends,
Happy Easter to everybody!
Relax and enjoy your holidays!

Dear firends, I wish you and your family happy Easter.
Stay healthy so you can take many trips and projects.

From Poland

Dear Friends,Happy Easter to all of you!!!!!
From Polish team;)

See you soon  in Karben
Monika Leszczyńska

From Spain

Happy Easter to everybody  Relax, enjoy with the spring (and allergies :)p) and time with family and friends..

To all the Comenius friends
I also want to wish you a Happy Easter. This time I want to share with you a Catalan tradition. The godfathers give to their godsons and goddaughters a special cake called La Mona de Pasqua.
This is the first time in my life I am a godmother. My elder sister had a baby named Maria last June, the baby is my goddaughter and maybe she is too much young to eat the cake, but I wanted to start this tradition from the very beginning. I did the cake by myself! Well, except for the feathers, the chicks, the candied fruit and the chocolates... This is a modern Mona, the ancient ones only had a plain cake and some natural eggs (not chocolate ones...)

I wanted to share the photo with you, so now you know a little more about Catalonia. 

So, Happy Easter!


From France


And this is mine! J Happy Easter, everybody!
Here the sun is shining and flowers blooming…
Big hugs. M.Ange

From Germany

Ich wish you and your family a 
H A P P Y  A N D  B L E S S E D  E A S T E R ! ! !
Greets and hugs!
Patrick :-) 

Dear colleagues,
Happy easter to all of you and recreative vacations!

Happy Easter to all of you!
In Germany no spring, no flowers, too cold to work in the garden. Ideal weather to work at home! I just hope the weather will be better in April when you are in Karben. Anna

From Greece
To all Comenius friends

Blue sky, 17° C
Hugs, Katerina

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