Monday, November 14, 2011

Politeness in Greece

How to be polite when you are in Greece?

There are some things you should know about politeness when you visit Greece. Here are some examples from Greece.

When you visit someone's home for the first time. 
First, when you visit a home for the first time you must bring a gift such as flowers, sweets, souvenirs, drinks e.t.c. Next, it is necessary to make a compliment on the home. Last, you should thank the hosts and invite them to visit you.

When you eating formally at a restaurant or at home.
First, when you want to order, raise your hand and call the waiter "Mr". Don't start eating before the others and don't leave the table before them. Of course, you must not eat with the mouth full and don't eat very quickly.

Showing courtesy to others.
You must always show courtesy to others. So, when you see an older person or a person in need in a bus, offer your seat or when you see them try to cross the street, help them. When you want to show courtesy to your friends, call them for a visit or for a walk.

I think that if you visit Greece these tips will help you very much.
By Rafaela L., A2

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  1. Greece? It is now 5 years living in Thessaloniki and I can say that here doesn't exist any kind of politeness or civic virtue. The Greeks respect nothing.

    Just see his behavior in the street. They don't respect traffic lights, the run with motorbikes over the sidewalks ( doesn't matter if you carry a baby, they just expect that you allow they pass) They park their cars over the sidewalks and over the Zebra crossing. The road? never have seen such kind of people. They overtake in the same road curves. They don't respect the life of the other people.

    Ah! don't try to argue with them! They always are right and their arguments are or yelling or answer: "τι να κάνω;"
    They never are responsible of anything: Always blame the others (ej. politicians) and expect the solution from others (ej. God)