Sunday, October 30, 2011

Impressions from the first meeting in Celacovice

Participating in COMENIUS – Our trip in Czech Republic
My school participates in the European Program, COMENIUS . The partnership project is called «Human Rights in Europe between Ideal Reality: Rights and Challenge for students in the 21st Century by means of Poetry, Arts and Music. The countries which take part in this program are the following: Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Poland and Germany. The first meeting took place in the Gymnasium Celakovice, the organiser school, in the Czech Republic.
Our team consisted of two teachers and three students of the second class. The teachers of each country stayed in a hotel, whereas the students accepted hospitality by students of the Celakovice Gymnasium.
The first time we visited the school was on Friday 30 September 2011. Gymnasium Celacovise is a huge building with many classes where students aged 5-16 years old study. We all gathered in a hall where one of the Czech Republic teachers welcomed us and gave us a tour to the school building. Later on students separated from the teachers in order to get to know each other and give information about their country and their school.
The program included different activities between the students which concerned the subject «Human rights». Moreover students watched films and videos, discussed and exchanged ideas through  art and music.
On Saturday morning the school organised a tour to Prague. We were all excited with the old town, the historical monuments and the architecture of the city.
The students had also the opportunity to meet each other after school. We gathered in the pub of the village, we talked about our lives, our school, our country and we promised to keep in touch after that meeting. So we do. We often talk in the facebook and learn their news.
I also want to refer to the Czech family’s hospitality. Everyone was very kind and friendly. Sunday was the free day and we spent it with the family. I had a pleasant time while I was watching the traditional dances and songs of the country.
Participating in this program I had an exciting experience. I learned a lot of things but the most important thing was the fact that I met new friends !

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