Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's introduce ourselves!

in Nea Filadelfeia / Athens - Greece

 3rd Upper Secondary School of Nea Philadelphia “Miltos Kountouras” has been named after the Athens suburb Nea Philadelphia, where it is located, as well as after the well-known Greek pedagogue Miltos Kountouras.
Our local area, Nea Philadelphia – Nea Chalcidona, is inhabited by about 25.000 people. Nea Philadelphia (or Filadelfia) owes its name to the ancient town ‘Philadelpheia’ in Asia Minor where the first inhabitants of Nea Philadelphia came from as fugitives after the destruction of Smyrna (Izmir) in 1922.

Miltos Kountouras (1889-1940) fought for the liberalization of education. His principles are reflected in the demand for free choice of school textbooks, respect to the teacher and the peculiarities of each school environment and each student and, above all, in the emphasis on the pedagogical role of school.

The curriculum for each General Upper Secondary School includes general education subjects (modern and ancient Greek language and literature, history, mathematics, sciences, religion, technology, social sciences, physical education, a foreign language (mainly English or French)). As well as elective and specialization subjects: Computer Science, Psychology, Economics, Environment, etc…
 Also, our students take part in theatre performances, sporting events, festivities and festivals very successfully.


Our school (GREECE)
Our school is located in a central district near the heart of Athens. However, it is a quiet neighborhood which looks like a suburb. Most inhabitants were born and raised here to families of Asia-Minor Greek refugees, who flew back to Greece after the holocaust in Izmir 1922. The majority of our students are third generation immigrants but they cannot be considered disadvantaged because their grandparents were well integrated in and highly respected by the host population. 

Those students who might be at risk of social exclusion are:
  • about one-third of our students who are second generation immigrants from Albania, Romania, Russia
  • about 2% of our students who have been diagnosed as suffering from learning disabilities plus an undefinable number of them who - in our opinion, not confirmed by experts- might be suffering from the attention deficit, hyperactivity and/or oppositional defiant behavior syndrome
  • about 1% of our students who systematically play truant due to personal and/or family problems
  • about five students (out of 250) who have experienced school bullying
  • Additionally, it must be noted that every year about 10 students of our school move to a neighbouring professional-technical school (similar to Realschule) because they are weak and/or unmotivated students.

The objectives and our aim with this project is to encourage these endangered students to go on with school and pursue further studies by stressing examples of teenagers who were outsiders but turned out very successful only because school life or syllabus provided them with some stimulation and motivation. Of course, we also aim at sensitizing all the other students to help create an inclusive school atmosphere.

Our role in the project is the IT coordination together with the school in Nettuno (Italy). The Greek and the Italian school from Nettuno will coordinate ICT activities (such us the realization of an e-book, a blog and a multimedia map of Europe)....


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